I. Warranty Terms
Warranty (20) twenty years for the paint color of the tile
II. Free repair and replacement warranties
1. The product has a full invoice and warranty card attached
2. The product is used normally, the fault is determined to be caused by the manufacturer
3. The product is still within the warranty period
III. Cases not covered by warranty
1. Warranty card is lost, not intact, torn, erased, incomplete information
2. Product is damaged due to improper transportation or installation
3. Appearance errors arise such as scratches, reduced gloss, wear due to use
4. Errors caused by natural disasters, or objective causes
5. Errors arising the process of building and renovating architecture affect the product
6. Errors caused by objects stuck on the product
7. Product has expired warranty
– Shinko does not warrant any form of warranty card other than the one with the companys red stamp
– When receiving the warranty card, please fill in all the information
– We do not reissue warranty cards, so please keep them carefully