Shinko Venture Joint Stock Company was established on November 18, 2016, formerly known as Green Diamond Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company, located at Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, Huong Canh Town, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Province. Phuc, is a manufacturer and distributor of colored tiles according to Japanese technology standards in Vietnam. Shinko focuses on investing in the most advanced and modern production line system according to Japanese standards with a scale of 5 million tablets/year and using the most modern 8-piece paint line in Vietnam. All equipment is invested synchronously, the production process is new generation, self-contained and self-assimilating.

We have built more than 200 experienced employees, enthusiastic and dedicated experts, engineers and personnel to commit to bringing customers the highest satisfation and trust.

Shinko uses the thermosetting acrylic paint technology provided by the largest multi-industry paint corporation in Japan – Dai Nippon Toryo. Therefore, Shinko color tiles achieve high quality in terms of color fastness, high gloss, resistance to weather wear, summer heat resistance and winter warmth. Environmentally friendly products, certified to meet Japanese quality standards JISQ 9001:2015 and Japanese environmental standards JISQ 14001:2015. With modern production lines, equipment and machinery and high quality raw materials. Shinko brings outstanding products and practical services, excellent solutions for partners, durability and aesthetics for each project. Appreciating all these good values, Shinko will constantly move forward to affirm its position in the market and continue to excel in the future.